My courses are designed to transform your money mindset and your bank account from the inside-out.

Welcome to the School of Bliss and Wealth™, where you can take massive action to change your financial trajectory by creating achievable financial goals and cultivating an abundance mindset.

Each course is self-paced, with easy-to-follow lessons and eye-opening exercises. I’ll teach you the secrets that aren’t covered in most personal finance courses.


You won’t find any Finance 101 type stuff here

This course will help you reshape your thoughts about money, abundance, and prosperity, as well as your potential to have them all. Say goodbye to limitations; say hello to your abundant future. You’ll also get my Financial Resilience mini-course as well. If you aren’t sure how your mindset might be holding you back financially, this course will help you gain clarity.

  • Uncover the secrets to how your mind impacts your financial success
  • Learn how to prosper externally by building inner wealth first
  • Get four actionable steps you can take to transform your mindset

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masterclass bundle

Calling all entrepreneurs! This is the ultimate money mindset course designed exclusively for solopreneurs and small business owners. This isn't your ordinary business 101 course; it's a game-changer that will help you understand how your mindset is or is not serving your business. Get ready to unlock the secrets that turn businesses into empires.

  • Identify how your money mindset shows up in your business
  • Understand why mindset can make or break your organization
  • Learn how to transform your mindset for business growth

Prime Yourself for Success as a Business Owner by using YOUR MINDSET AS A TOOL FOR GROWTH 

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Your wealth journey starts here, and it starts within you. Make a financial u-turn for once and for all with my signature course based on my coaching program, Wealth Begins Within™. Transform your money mindset and build achievable financial goals in this self-paced course ($8,000 value). Learn the hidden strategies and techniques to transform your entire financial trajectory..

  • Learn how to effortlessly manage your money
  • Design achievable, momentum-building financial goals
  • Transform your money mindset from scarcity to abundance

Wealth Begins Within™


signature course

In these programs, I’ll unveil the mysteries that most personal finance courses miss.
Get ready to explore the depths of financial wisdom, far beyond the ordinary.

Ready to rewrite your financial story?


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When women come to me for money coaching, they are often shocked by what I don’t tell them to do. If you are struggling with your finances or lacking a clear plan, the default solution is to restrict, trim, eliminate, and benchmark. There’s a long list of “musts” to follow if you want to get out of your financial hole or on the path to a secure future.

Have you ever stopped to consider how your brain impacts your money mindset and financial decisions? As a money mindset coach, I know that our brains play a crucial role in determining how we manage our money. One of the most fascinating aspects of the brain that plays a huge role in our financial decision-making is our big ol’ RAS (technically known as the reticular activating system).


What would it be like to have complete control over your finances? To be in charge of where your money goes each month, and to know that it’s working for you? There are certain concepts and habits that are essential for managing your money like a boss lady. When you incorporate them, your life can transform. But while it’s important to understand the mechanics of saving and spending, it’s equally important to do the inner work of money.


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"Jenny’s optimism is contagious, but her candor is what really helped me see the light. Understanding that I’m not “bad” with money has been a true game changer."

"a true game changer"

"I learned so much from working with Jenny about how money really works. She gave me the tools and the confidence to own my money journey. I’ve never felt so empowered."


"i'm so empowered"

"She gave me the tools I needed to understand my financials and presented them in a way I could understand. I always feel more relaxed after our conversations."

"jenny is so knowledgeable"

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