You are 100% worthy and capable of transforming your financial situation -
and together, that’s what we’ll do.

I’m not your typical money coach because I won’t tell you to build a budget or start “living beneath your means.” Instead, I’ll help you realize that there’s more abundance available to you - and then I’ll help you get it. Together, we’ll surface what you really want out of life and the role money will play in achieving it. Through a unique blend of money mindset coaching and strategic financial planning, I'll guide you in reshaping your relationship with money and together, we'll design a roadmap that aligns with your vision.


You don’t have to go it alone

Over 10 sessions, we’ll dive deep to unravel your financial blocks, uncover your dreams, and design a tailored roadmap for your financial freedom. My signature coaching program is designed to ensure you experience a dramatic shift in how you think, feel, and interact with your money. I’ll guide you though the process of surfacing the vision for your life and then we’ll work collaboratively to transform it into an actionable plan.

  • Redefine the money beliefs and habits that aren’t serving you
  • Surface the vision for your life and build aligned goals
  • Create a financial roadmap and system for effortless achievement

Wealth Begins Within™


coaching intensive

If you’re looking for less Money Mindset coaching and more Financial Planning support, the Money Mastery VIP Day is for you. Wondering what we can accomplish in one day? We’ll not only build vision-aligned financial goals, but I’ll help you prepare a financial roadmap and system to achieve them. At the end of our day, you’ll walk away with a clearer understanding of where you are today, where you want to be, and how to get there.

  • Get a detailed analysis of your current financial state
  • Define achievable goals based on the unique vision for your life
  • Receive a custom financial roadmap and plan of action


Money mastery

1:1 VIP day

Unsure of where to start? Wondering if money coaching is the right solution for your financial woes? Let's have a Money Chat. This is a complementary 30-minute introductory Zoom meeting where we will get to know each other and discuss the challenges you are facing. It's more than a conversation; it's a glimpse into the possibilities that await you.

  • Share your biggest money stresses and dreams
  • Get all the details about my coaching programs
  • Hear my personal money story and how I transformed it

money chat


chat with Jenny

You don’t have to struggle with your finances or feel like you’re falling behind for one more day. Get support and guidance from someone who’s walked in your shoes.

Want to explore working together?
Let’s have a Money Chat.


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Ready to kick financial stress to the curb and pave your way to prosperity? Get ready to transform your money mindset and your bank account. Achieving financial success isn’t just about raking in a hefty paycheck. It’s about cultivating the right mindset and making savvy choices with your cash. And as your money coach, I’m here to help. 

You might be wondering, what exactly is a money coach? Well, think of it like having a personal stylist for your finances. Just like a stylist helps you curate a wardrobe that makes you feel confident and powerful, a money coach helps you to curate a financial plan that makes you feel financially secure and in control.


Are you finding it tough to achieve financial success and stability? Well, fear not! Working with a money mindset coach could be the answer you’re looking for. With a coach’s guidance, you can shift your perspective and beliefs about money, and ditch any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your financial goals. Want to know more about the benefits of working with a money mindset coach and how to find the perfect one for you?


As Seen In:

"Jenny’s optimism is contagious, but her candor is what really helped me see the light. Understanding that I’m not “bad” with money has been a true game changer."

"a true game changer"

"I learned so much from working with Jenny about how money really works. She gave me the tools and the confidence to own my money journey. I’ve never felt so empowered."


"i'm so empowered"

"She gave me the tools I needed to understand my financials and presented them in a way I could understand. I always feel more relaxed after our conversations."

"jenny is so knowledgeable"

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