These free resources are stuffed full of actionable guidance and exercises.

But what they don't include is the stale, generic advice you've already heard.

If you’re looking for clear steps you can take to manage your money and build wealth, or you want to start transforming your relationship with money,
I’ve got you.

These resources may be free, but they're incredibly valuable, maybe even priceless. If you’re just starting out on your journey and aren’t sure if you’re ready to work with a money coach - you’re in the right spot.


Get ready to seize control of your financial destiny

My guidebooks are your secret weapon, packed with insider strategies. No fluff, just actionable steps that can transform how you make financial decisions. In The Essentials of Money Management and The Essentials of Saving and Building Wealth you’ll learn:

  • Learn my CRUSH-IT strategy for becoming debt-free
  • Understand why it’s A-OK to ditch budgeting forever
  • Uncover the steps to take to start saving and growing your money


Ditch the tired, canned advice that's been circling the web 

free Guidebooks

Break free with my 10-Day Money Mindset Reset Email Course. This transformative experience is your ticket to unlocking the mindset of abundance. Discover the secrets to attract wealth effortlessly and say goodbye to scarcity thinking for good.

  • Gain clarity on how your really think and feel about money
  • Reconcile and rebuild your relationship with money
  • Recalibrate your energy in alignment with greater abundance

ever feel held back by your money mindset?

10-day money mindset reset

free course

Get started with the Find Your Fortune 5-Day Financial Clarity Challenge, a free journey that will place you on the path to mastering your money and your future. Unearth your money leaks and the hidden seeds to your wealth. It's not just a challenge; it's your personal roadmap to financial freedom.

  • Get your finances organized and learn to manage them effortlessly
  • Identify where your money is going and if it’s working for you
  • Learn how to turn money leaks into generational wealth

find your fortune

Are you ready to uncover your hidden financial potential?

free challenge

These resources aren’t just free– they're your golden ticket to financial empowerment. 

dive into these game-changing tools and discover the priceless transformation waiting for you.

Your wealth-building adventure starts now. Are you in?


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With the right tools, strategies, and just 10 minutes a week, you can gain control over your finances and pave the way for a secure future. Let’s explore the art of managing your money effortlessly, using my favorite FREE money management app. Get ready to optimize your time, efforts, and financial potential!

If you are struggling with your finances or lacking a clear plan, the default solution is to restrict, trim, eliminate, and benchmark. There’s a long list of “musts” to follow if you want to get out of your financial hole or on the path to a secure future.  These “musts” do indeed produce results. But are they sustainable and do they allow you to live your best life? 


Are you ready to embark on a financial journey that can transform your life? If you dream of building wealth, having financial freedom, and becoming a millionaire, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the secrets to growing your money, no matter how modest your income, and unveil the steps to create a substantial fortune over time. 


As Seen In:

"Jenny’s optimism is contagious, but her candor is what really helped me see the light. Understanding that I’m not “bad” with money has been a true game changer."

"a true game changer"

"I learned so much from working with Jenny about how money really works. She gave me the tools and the confidence to own my money journey. I’ve never felt so empowered."


"i'm so empowered"

"She gave me the tools I needed to understand my financials and presented them in a way I could understand. I always feel more relaxed after our conversations."

"jenny is so knowledgeable"

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