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    I believe more money in the hands of women will change the world 

    I'm not here to just help you "live beneath your means." Nope, I want you to build real wealth – and that begins within. Your thoughts become beliefs, and those beliefs? They're behind most of your money habits.

    Feeling stuck with your money game? No worries! Roll up those sleeves and let's dig into the good stuff – the inner world of money. We're going deep, tossing out those old limiting beliefs, and unlocking your money potential like never before.

    Let me ask you: How's your relationship with money? If you aren't sure, start by taking my money mindset quiz. It'll tell you if you're leaning towards scarcity or embracing abundance.

    wealth begins within

    I blend mindfulness techniques
    (inner work)
    with core financial planning methods
     (outer work)
    to help women just like you undergo a
    mindful money transformation 

    I blend money mindset coaching (inner work)
    with core financial planning processes (outer work) to help women, just like you undergo a
    mindful money transformation 

    Build vision-driven financial goals and establish an effortless system to achieve and sustain your progress.


    Rewrite your limiting beliefs, establish helpful money rituals, and craft a vision for your ultimate life.


    Dive deep into your existing money beliefs and habits to understand how they have contributed to your current financial state.


    My signature process:

    a new paradigm of abundance

    Tired of money holding you back? Welcome to your solution! Get ready to explore a new financial world where abundance takes center stage. As your money coach, I'm here to shatter those limiting money myths with my signature program that combines money mindset coaching and financial planning.

    Let's toss out those outdated financial rules, shall we?
    • Goodbye to rigid spending only on necessities, while neglecting life's joys.
    • Adios to extreme penny-pinching that robs us of simple pleasures, leaving us parched for life's enjoyments.
    • Farewell to postponing happiness for an uncertain tomorrow, as we save every nickel today.
    • No more fearful hoarding and believing money's scarce and elusive.
    • Let's stop doubting our money skills, thinking they're reserved for math geniuses. 

    our thoughts have a massive influence on our realities

    Imagine inner wealth translating into amazing outer abundance. That's my journey, and I'm here to guide you in writing your own success story. I transformed dreams into dollars, and now, it's my mission to teach you the same magic. Together, we'll unleash your potential, conquering both the financial world and beyond!

    You don't have to navigate this journey solo. I'm in your corner, armed with insider secrets the others won't tell you.

    Get ready to ignite your money power! Embrace abundance and let my money coaching be your passport to success. Book a Money Chat now, and witness your money tale transform from ordinary to extraordinary. The road to financial freedom is right ahead – let's seize it together!

    My path to blissful wealth wasn't a breeze, but the payoff was beyond words. You deserve transformation too, and you're 100% capable of reshaping your money mindset and your financial destiny.

    I am here to tell you anything, literally anything, is possible for you.

    as long as you know that…
    wealth begins within

    "Jenny’s optimism is contagious, but her candor is what really helped me see the light. Understanding that I’m not “bad” with money has been a true game changer."

    "a true game changer"

    "I learned so much from working with Jenny about how money really works. She gave me the tools and the confidence to own my money journey. I’ve never felt so empowered."


    "i'm so empowered"

    "She gave me the tools I needed to understand my financials and presented them in a way I could understand. I always feel more relaxed after our conversations."

    "jenny is so knowledgeable"

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